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About us

About us

Respect for the individual characteristics of each animal

Officine Cosmeceutiche is a young Italian company born from the union of multiple competencies of a group of friends, who are also professionals, and who discovered they share the same passion for pets. With this philosophy, we have created hygienic products that help in the prevention of skin and health problems, respecting the specific needs of each animal they are intended for. This partnership encompasses all the skills and experience necessary for the successful realization of the project, from marketing to formulation, from quality control to production, and last but not least, it can count on a group of valuable collaborators who passionately promote the products.

Highly effective products

The company sets as a fundamental condition the formulation of high-quality products for the cleaning and care of animals, with the belief that the 'core' of the company must be based on study, research, and innovation to achieve highly effective products through the use of natural raw materials, respectful of animals, humans, and the environment. Each product is conceived through the study of the functional activities of natural raw materials and their synergistic effects. Our experience in the field of formulations teaches us that nature supports us with substances of various functions, well known in the human field and increasingly used in products intended for animals. Officine Cosmeceutiche aims to be a leader in innovation; the continuous search for the potential that nature offers is and will be the goal to pursue.

Contact us

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Officine Cosmeceutiche is happy to answer all your questions. We are available both by email and phone.


Officine Cosmeceutiche ships worldwide , but in the following countries, we enjoy official partners:

  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic
  • USA


If you wish your order to be delivered to one of these countries, please visit the websites of our official retailers. They will commit 100% to ensure a unique experience for you and your beloved animals. 100% per garantire un‘esperienza unica per te e i tuoi amati animali.

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